Degrading support for IE8


This afternoon we pushed a change to that degrades support for Internet Explorer 8. This is how it feels to not have to support IE8 as a first-class browser:

IE8 does not support CSS3 media queries, which are pretty much a requirement for a mobile-first, responsive website. We had previously supported IE8 as a first-class browser, but continuing to support it as we build out more features of MPR News was becoming increasingly difficult.

Our site is still fully functional and all content is still present in IE8. We no longer generate backwards compatible media query free CSS for IE8, so IE only sees the CSS not wrapped in a media query. This means IE8 loads what is essentially the mobile breakpoint of our site.

Presently, IE8 makes up about 7% of the traffic on, and around 5% on The Current. Some of our other sites see their IE8 traffic at under 3%. Microsoft is officially dropping IE8 support on April 8, 2014.